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Corotech Industrial Coatings

Corotech Coatings have been developed from systems derived from over 100 years of coatings technology. Corotech Coatings offer a variety of coatings and coatings systems for all industrial, maintenance and commercial applications. From 100% solids flooring epoxy systems to direct to metal enamels, Corotech Coatings will deliver lasting protection and performance for any environment.

Corotech Coatings are designed to offer state of the art performance and corrosion protection with unique products and technologies. Our 100% solids epoxy pre-prime system is designed to penetrate corrosion and drive out moisture between metal plates while forming a 100% solids epoxy seal. This system dramatically improve the service life of structural steel components with out the labor normally required to dismantle, clean , prep and reassembly costs.

City Paint carries a large selection of Corotech Industrial Products. Visit the nearest City Paint location for specific product information that will best suit your next industrial, or maintenance job.

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